hi-Fun is a company born to bring music enjoyment to a new level...!

We know that music lovers can see the world under new perspectives: with imagination.
Why then, we asked ourselves, don't we establish a company based on this goal?
hi-Fun was born this way: on the road, for the travellers and for those who can see the colors and beauty of music. What began as the brainchild of bored travellers during long airport stopovers has evolved into a dynamic company selling a range of electronic gadgets on the Italian and International markets, with a dazzling array of gadgets that shake up the world of music and communication with intuition and creativity leading to brilliant inventions. Guido Falck, Amerigo Olivetti and Adalberto Grossi are the three founders of hi-Fun who turned it into the young and innovative company that is now.

We started dreaming with hi-Sleep, our unique music pillow and continued to dream with hi-Bomb and hi-Tube. And little by little we have designed accessories made for sharing music with friends and family such as hi-Edo, the first Bluetooth headphones that allow you to both listen and make phone calls, and hi-Call, the innovative Bluetooth talking gloves that you can connect to any smartphones for making phone calls through your fingers!
Do you want to know our secret? Shaping Italian design to intuition and ingenious!

hi-Fun is growing day by day, rich in new ideas and projects brought to life by an all-under-30 team of brilliant and passionate employees. The mix of youth and enthusiasm is the driving force because hi-Fun is not only a company but also a life-style.

"Never stop protest; never cease to disagree, to ask yourself questions, to question authority, clichés, dogmas. There is no absolute truth. Do not stop to think.
Be dissident voices. Be the weight that tips the floor.
Always be in disagreement because dissent is a weapon.
Always be aware and not lock yourself to knowledge because knowledge is also a weapon.
Maybe you will not change the world, but you will have helped to tilt the floor in your direction and you will have made your life worth telling. A man who disagrees is a seed that will never grow. "